Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to wear an Onnara/ Thaar

Last day, I happened to surf the web on this topic - Onnara/ Thaar. Surprisingly, I got a description (may not be excellent ... and something is better than nothing ! ) in one of the sites. I copied the text and and it's here for you.
How to wear an Onnara.

Onnara is one and half sized mundu, nearly six muzham in length. This is wrapped over the buttocks and the two free ends are kept at equal length. One end is pulled up to the face level and the other end is tightly wound over this and the end inserted at the right side of belly. Then leave the top end and it will drop the other end and the conical end will be touching the ground almost. Now kneel down and catch the back portion of the mundu and bring it up to the waist under the conical flap portion dropping down. Now spread the legs little bit and insert this portion in between bottom belly and the edge of the dhothi. This portion will be tight now over the pelvis, the thighs will be covered upto the knee fully and partially downwards. Now the final process starts. Bring one hand to the back and catch the dropping conical front end through the spreaded legs (between thighs) and pull the end as much tight as possible and nicely insert the tail portion in between the back over the buttock and cloth.
By now for ladies of some good structure some statue look will be there and curves and shape of the back will be well displayed. In olden days only a plain dothi used to be worn over this so that the onnara will be partially visible through the cloth. Now there is one underskirt for fully covering the onnara. Still the buttock shape will be prominent with an onnara and any brand of panty can't keep the structure like this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot..... However, if give some pictures of onnara wearing process, it will be much benefit to the beginners. I am sure onnara cannot compare with any brand of panties.

Anonymous said...

I am a boy of now 21 years old and an actor in a drama troupe from the age of 15 . I am always compelled to take women rolls .As I entered the troupe I am compelled to wear onnara/ thaar as my under cloth .In the beginning it was slightly difficult to wear myself and was a bit discomfort to remain in tight thaar .Now I enjoy the comfort of the thaar . The manager of the troupe says that male audience has special attraction toward women in thaar .
The thaar women is greatly erotic to men . It shapes the body of women into sexy look . Now I wear thaar as my underwear in daily life . I wear it under my pants and pijama or churidar . Nobody notice it . In home while I am sleeping I wear women thaar . It give me the feeling that I am a women.

Anonymous said...

please, please, please insert a photo-story, video or sketches! please, please, please!

Konakam and onnara said...

I am a man actually a boy of 12 th in Kerala once I tried onnaramundu(though I am a boy) now I don't. Use jetty or some thing else only onnaramundu when I am in home and also while I go out wearing pants actually it gives lot of support now I am wondering why men weren't using such and awsome underwear and why out lovey Kerala women left the habbot of wearing this and switched over to panties. This is kinda disgusting and you know I even go to my neighbours home wearing only onnaramundu and a t shirt I don't see this any thing odd I believe that you should wear some thing that gives you comfort so ladies and gentlemen men lets roll back out clothing style to.a traditional one those days only very lest persons were infertail but now most aare so why should we wear such worst new dresses lets switch back to old traditional dresses