Onnara ഒന്നര

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Here is a set of Onnara pictures, adapted from some old Malayalam movies. As you may see, these do not depict the exact Onnara, except (probably) the fourth picture (the tips ! ).


neelakuyil1 said...

Many gentlemen seem to blog about onnara as a good under garment for women. In one of the blogs one states about an aunt who insisted all girls with her must wear onnara; fine! Its origin is after the Portuguese landed in Kerala. Onnara was said to have been invented to thwart the sex mad foreigners from raping our Nair women. Has anyone tried successfully untied onnara of his wife?

Anonymous said...

Are we allowed to post onnara pics on this site.

Antareeyan said...

Please send your pics on Onnara to innolator@gmail.com.