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I am a house wife. In 1970 I was a student of a management malayalam mixed school at trichur district. At that time the uniform was long blue skirt and white blouse for girls & khaki half pant & white shirts for boys. All teachers were in Sarees. Heavy caning punishment was there by each subject teachers mainly in high school classes. Without caning none of the teachers leave the classes daily atleast for few students. One English madam, namely Sumathi, a young teacher was famous for caning. After asking questions those who are unable to give proper answer, she will give two heavy strokes in palm. This will repeat twice in a period. Before caning she will keep the saree fall into her waste tightly. There was about 50 students in each class, half boys & half girls. Firstly she will give two two strokes in boys palm and after she will turn into girls section and give same. After giving punishments in two rounds (some days each will get 4 strokes). While caning on girls section all boys eyes will be on her buttocks. She was having very good shaped buttocks (maximum buttocks in the school). After the punishment she will loosen the saree fall and also she will put her hands into her back side and tighten her onnaramundu daily. (At that time, most of the students were wearing mundu only as under wear). So this Sumathy teacher without any shame tighten her onnara daily in each classes, due to giving the heavy punishment she get it loosened. All the boys will enjoy the scene and forget the pains of their palm. In saree she was a beauty of the school. Even today also I remember the teacher and her punishment

by Courtesy-Meenakshi Tue Mar 15 15:05:54 UTC 2011

In my opinion madi thar is not properly covering all the required parts. If we go for a njori thar it is better than madi thar, not only for appearance, but also it clearly covers all the parts especially buttocks. Those girls who are having heavily kamavikaras they can go ahead with madi thar because it can be used maximum tightly, but madi thar is having a limit of tightness, and madi thar can easily wear.

by a guest Wed Mar 16 06:58:37 UTC 2011

Dear Guest, How do yoy say Madi thaar will not cover buttocks ? Madi Thaar is so fascinating to look from behind. It covers the full buttocks and looks erotic especially with the Thaar Vaal tucked behind. You may convince yourself by seeing these pictures.\_2Kg8N02Y8SA\SK6VmbKmQQI\AAAAAAAAAIY\lLaa_NYEcdM\s1600-h\Ammini12.JPG\_2Kg8N02Y8SA\SXVZKnrAUEI\AAAAAAAAAfQ\PDJjKQeinT4\s1600-h\th4.JPG\_2Kg8N02Y8SA\StWhiSZJOZI\AAAAAAAAAmo\Q9C07fPlh8w\s1600-h\tha1.jpg

All of them wear madi thaar, It covers the buttocks beatifully.

We have so many nude and bikini clad pictures of ladies on the NET. But We have only a few Thaar wearing pictures. So far seen only these 3 pictures on the internetIf there are more pictures on the net, please contribute the links.

by guest Wed Mar 16 10:48:09 UTC 2011

Hello, I have some information to share after reading things written here. I am Kannadiga person from Bangalore . Actually my wife suffer from problem of getting patches and rash near waist and thigh area very frequently. We showed to different doctors but no one able to properly tell us what problem is. Each doctor would tell us that it was infection, give different ointment but problem never goes away. Some medicine gives some slight relief but then problem comes again, never really any permanent solution. Then we tried
homeopathy. There also same thing. Then we tried ayurvedic lady doctor. That doctor gave some medicine told that it was possible my wife had allergy to some latex and synthetic material. This is common material that is used in elastic and any underwear, so that could be the reason for all this skin patch and rash. Other reasons could be infection. So she suggested that my wife not use underwear for sometime, specially readymade. My wife was not happy with this suggestion. So doctor explained that she could do what previous generation women were doing, that is tie a string around waist and wear a soft cotton cloth like a kaupina or langoti. With this she could adjust tightness and so if there are rash or patch, she could wear loosely etc. Since this problem was troubling too much, my wife decided to try. It was big surprise but with regular use of this, the rash-patch went away. So doctor confirmed that this was allergy, so easiest way to avoid problem was to continue using pure cotton cloth in traditional way. We had spent lot of money for doctors with no real solution. So even though she did not like it, just to avoid this problem, my wife decided to wear this kaupina type underwear. After changing to this, she had rash problem very few times. So for past few years she is using this only.

After reading other people's letters, I had some comments.
1. What Doctor person has written above is true by our experience. Using readymade underwear can cause problems for many people. So it might be better to use traditional underwear like kaupina-langoti only. After the advice from ayurvedic doctor to my wife, actually I also started wearing langoti (at first, just to convince my wife because she told she feel awkward to wear this), but after some time, I felt it was comfortable and ok for use in home. So doing that for sometime. So after our experience I feel, it might be good to publicise this information and actually encourage people (both men and women) to wear kaupina type underwear. Maybe this is what suits our climate better than readymade.
2. Being from Karnataka, I don't know about what is the tradition in Kerala. Is like the ayurvedic doctor said, that women wear tie a string and wear kaupina type underwear inside mundu? Some person has put in their comment that some women used something called konakam. Is this like langoti? Or is it that some people wear this type and others wear this onnara about which people are writing about. Some other people have also written that some women don't feel OK wearing this onnara because it might be visible, maybe they can try this kaupina type because it is not very easily visible if worn properly.
3. The description that people have written about onnara is not very helpful. I actually thought of showing this instructions to my wife to see if she would find it more comfortable

but it is not clear. I tried looking at the pictures and from there it looks like the small dhoti that men wear in Karnataka for pooja etc. So please provide more information on this.

Looking for useful information and others comments on what I have written.

by guest Mon Mar 28 17:02:57 UTC 2011

This letter is very informative, and the problem is definitely due to allergy to synthetic things in panties and here in Kerala I have treated several such cases. I am the Doctor written before and I am a specialist in General Medicine, practicing from 1982,working in Kerala Govt Health Services from last 26 yrs.
Kaupina can be worn by both male and female, but onnara is more suited for ladies due to anatomical reasons.The reasons are explained in previous discussions in detail.Because for onnara a big dhothi is used, it covers a large area, give tightness around the waist, buttocks,lower abdomen and genital area and give comfort and the medical benefits described earlier.Actually there is no need to wear under skirt above that(under dhothi) if the lady is working in home, and even now many wear only onnara and dhothi in my area. In Trissur even now we can see such ladies working in field or road showing onnara clearly under dhothy with out skirt above onnara.They can walk while working easily due to this.To know about how to wear, refer anthareeyam blogspot by innolator. Ideally a pictorial account is needed, but Kerala ladies are reluctant to get photographed in onnara only.If the wife of Mr.Guest on 28.3.11 is getting benefit with kaupeena she will be more benefited with onnara.Visibility of onnara can be reduced by wearing black underskirt over onnara and if using saree, wear thick saree with patterns rather than plain thin saree.If wearing kaupeena she will have to wear skirt over that as it cover only a small area.Konakam and langotti are not same, but functionally identical and onnara is much superior to both.Now in Kerala , especially in Trissur area many young ladies are converting back to onnara from panties.A good blog by a person with adequate knowledge in this can bring such conversion easier

by Doctor Tue Mar 29 17:12:51 UTC 2011

Hi Mr.Guest on 28.3.11,
The story regarding unstitched garment "kaupina" and its advantage is inspirational. Nice to see such a use model,ladies should get inspired by this. Hats up for taking such a bold step. Anybody can use kaupina or onnara as a casual dress atleast at home after office or weekends

by guest Sat Apr 02 11:52:21 UTC 2011

Loincloth 'ultimate liberation item' for Japanese women

The latest in 'women's liberation' is a product making a comeback in Japan that makers claim allows women to ditch tight-fit underwear -- loincloths.

A Japanese lingerie maker calls female loincloth underwear the "ultimate liberation item" for women.

The idea is to emancipate woman from the tightness of the conventional underwear often using rubber and wires and also save them from the hassles of finding the right size, say the inventors.

"We wanted young woman to have more sense of freedom and release."

"It is easy to wear and quite nice. It's also good for summer," endorses a client.

More than 5,000 loin cloth in multiple colors and designs have been sold in Japan since December priced from $13.
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by guest Sun Apr 03 01:52:26 UTC 2011

What is the cloth similar to Onnara for men for improvement of their buttocks.

by Guest Sun Apr 03 16:49:57 UTC 2011

I was a regular user of panties since my childhood. But my husband was a konakam user, he was suggesting me to use konakam for long time but I was neglecting it.Time came where I started having serious itching and infection, I am not able to use modern undergarment, without any choice I switched to konakam. From fast few years I am leading a peacefull life with konakam. Even my husband is very happy.

by guest Sun Apr 03 17:56:07 UTC 2011

yes, konakam is better for ladys & Gents

by Narayanan Mon Apr 04 06:35:41 UTC 2011

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